5 Cast Members That Won’t Return for the Jurassic World Sequel

Last summer Jurassic World killed at the box office to the tune of $652 million. We immediately knew a sequel was in the future. We’re learning bits of info about what that sequel will entail. We now know it will be directed by J. A. Bayona, of The Impossible (2012). But what remains undetermined is which of the cast members of Jurassic World will return for the next installment. Here are 5 cast members from Jurassic World that likely won’t return for the Jurassic World sequel, and what else they’ll be up to instead:


Won’t Return for the Jurassic World Sequel

If Jurassic World had a breakout star it was Mosasaurus. It was a scene stealing performance by the 60 foot long late-Cretaceous period thespian. It was pretty clear from the conclusion of Jurassic World that Mosasaurus was being written out of the franchise’s future. But why?

Word on the street is that the soon-to-explode Mosasaurus has landed a major role in another franchise. He’s rumored to be playing Wolverine in the still-untitled Wolverine sequel. Talk about great casting! We’re excited beyond belief to see Mosasurus in the Marvel Universe.


Won’t Return for the Jurassic World Sequel

On set rumors during the filming of Jurassic World may offer some clues about the return of Galimimus. Apparently the omnivorous biped was very difficult to work with. A source involved in production of Jurassic World told us that there were several times Galimimus simply ran off during a scene and it took several hours of coaxing with fruit and leaves to prompt a return to filming. Who needs all that drama! We expect the franchise to move on without this lesser player.


Won’t Return for the Jurassic World Sequel

Look, it’s no secret that Pteranodon was bit by the directing bug recently. Jurassic World may end up being Pteranodon’s last onscreen performance before settling comfortably into the director’s chair full-time. He’ll be off to a fast start, helming the 2017 live action reboot of Beauty and The Beast starring Emma Watson. That’s a great fit for the winged carnivore, as it allows him to capitalize on his musical theater background. We wish Pteranodon well in his future projects!

T Rex

Won’t Return for the Jurassic World Sequel

What’s left to say about Tyrannus Rex? The 68 million year-old mega predator has been there since the start of the Jurassic Park franchise. There’s no question that T-rex and the Jurassic Park movies owe each other a lot for their successes. That’s why it’s hard to believe the rumors that the veteran actor may not return for the next installment of Jurassic World. While retirement will be well-deserved when it comes for the 40 foot-long “Tyrant Lizard”, we expect the studio to dig deep and dangle enough cash to bring T-rex back one more time.


Won’t Return for the Jurassic World Sequel

Sadly, the exit of the Velociraptors is almost a certainty. The popular gang of Mongolian native carnivores have been offered (and accepted) a deal with ABC to do a half-hour comedy. Full details on the hotly anticipated project are scarce, but we do know that the shoot schedule conflicts with that of the next Jurassic World installment. The highly intelligent Cretaceous inhabitants will be dearly missed by JP fans, but we are all excited to see their new project. Rumor has it the show may also feature J.K. Simmons. What a star studded cast! Hilarity is sure to follow!

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