We Nailed It! You’re Welcome OBJ

Less than a week ago The Renaissance Fan dolled out the second endorsement in the site’s history to Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants. Odell was endorsed on the merits of his playfulness, skill, and electric presence on the field. From our endorsement:

“Delightfulness is rare in professional sports. Pro sports are often exciting or exhilarating, they are sometimes heartbreaking or inspiring, entertaining or panic-inducing, they bring joy and sorrow in equal measure. They are not often simply delightful; so when a top athlete hugs a kicking net in a show of humorous self-reflection, the moment should be enjoyed.”

In his very next game after being endorsed by “The Fan” Beckham Jr. went nuts. Beckham racked up 222 yards and two TD’s, you can watch the nonsense here. Yes, he lost a fumble as well, but that appears to be merely an effort to reassure people that he is still a mortal. Beckham’s miraculous performance (following a week when he was largely shut down by the Green Bay Packers) is one of the first of many cases of “The Renaissance Fan Bump”. We congratulate Odell on a fantastic game, but we also congratulate ourselves. Because we nailed it.

Other superstar athletes interested in receiving an endorsement and subsequent Renaissance Fan Bump can email therenaissancefan@gmail.com for application materials.


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