Something Needs to Happen on The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead suffers from too many episodes. The last three episodes, “The Cell,” “Service,” and “Go Getters” have covered what could be done in a single episode of a better-paced show, say, Game of Thrones. Hopefully, with these three episodes, the writers and producers are satisfied that they have established the show’s new circumstances and the wheels can start turning rather than just spinning.

So we know now how the world of The Walking Dead works under The Saviors. The Saviors are, essentially, a post-apocalyptic protection racket, offering their unwanted, and essentially unneeded, services in exchange for whatever they care to take from the various communities of survivors. They are an oppressive regime lead by television’s most oppressively talkative villain. My god is Negan annoying; I imagine that he is meant to be a fun, guy-you-love-to-hate type of villain, but he mostly plays like psychopathic pain in the ass. It’s kind of intolerable. The scenes in “Service” in which Rick is made to escort Negan around Alexandria do properly establish how firmly under the Negan’s heel Rick really is but are hard to watch, and not in a good way.

While Negan is clearly the “big bad,” the show has a more compelling villain in Dwight, who has both embraced the Savior way of life and resents himself for doing so. Dwight is valued by Negan and entirely subjugated by him; watching how his loyalties shift could be one of the most interesting elements at play this season. It seems at this point that Dwight’s greatest is desire it to drive Darryl to make the same moral compromise as he has, and accept a position as one of Negan’s lackeys in exchange for perks that involve being able to take anything you would like at any time, and Darryl is not looking so great right now. Also interesting is Spencer who may serve as an opposite number to Dwight: both are suffering under leadership in which they do not truly believe.

So we get it: Negan’s in charge, things are bad. Hopefully, now that the situation has been well established, the show will get into the nitty-gritty of alliances forming and a plan coming together to take down The Saviors. Also, this show needs to get back to The Kingdom where the show’s two best characters (Carol and Morgan) and its most interesting new character (Ezekiel) have been sidelined for three episodes. Also I want to see that damn tiger again.

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