Your Trivia for the Weekend- Week 2

Welcome to The Renaissance Fan’s weekend trivia (powered by Frank), your source for thought provoking trivia on a wide range of topics. Test yourself, challenge your family, or set up your own mini-trivia competition among your friends this weekend. There’s no wrong way to play. Could you just Google all the answers? Sure, but that would be dumb! You can make up your own rules, or use ours.
There are seven rounds, and the questions in each round increase in difficulty and point value (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 points). The “Final Five” question asks you to list five things correctly. For each right answer you get 30 points, but for each wrong answer you lose 30 points.
Answers are listed at the very bottom of the page.
Let’s begin!


10 points. Which of the presidents memorialized on Mount Rushmore was the last to serve in office?

20 points. The “National Mall” refers to the area between the The United States Capitol Building and what monument?

30 points. Fort McHenry was the site of the composition of “The Star Spangled Banner” during what conflict?

40 points. (2 part answer) What two islands comprise The Statue of Liberty National Monument?

50 points.  In 1903, what monolithic igneous intrusion, located in Wyoming, did President Theodore Roosevelt name the United States’ first national monument?



10 points. What 1999 move ends with the revelation that child psychiatrist Malcolm Crowe has been dead since the beginning film?

20 points. In which film from the Star Wars trilogy is it revealed that Princess Leia is Luke Skywalker’s twin sister?

30 points. In 1968’s The Planet of The Apes, astronaut George Taylor discovers that the titular planet is Earth when he discovers the wreckage of what U.S. monument?

40 points. The twist ending of what 2000 film is that Patrick Bateman is not a serial killer?

50 points. At the conclusion of The Usual Suspects it is revealed that smalltime conman Verbal Kint is actually what Legendary crimelord?



10 points. What South American creature is too small to overwhelm a human being alone but can quite dangerous in shoals?

20 points.  What is the only species of lizard known to have attacked and eaten a human being?

30 points. “Gustave” is the name of a famed man-eater, rumored to have killed as many as 300 people on the banks of the Ruzizi river and the northern shores of Lake Taganyika; what kind of animal is Gustave?

40 points. Tigers are responsible for more fatal attacks on human beings than any other big cat; in what country do most of these attacks occur?

50 points. What is the only species of bear known to hunt humans for food?


Round 4. CHEESE

10 points. What is the most common name for processed cheese products made within the United States?

20 points. What kind of cheese is known to often have “eyes”?

30 points. What ingredient gives blue cheese its coloring?

40 points. In terms of annual consumption cheddar is the second most popular cheese in the United States, what is the first?

50 points.Cheese curds, French fries, and gravy are the ingredients of what Quebecois delicacy?



10 points. You want to visit Cooperstown, home to the Baseball Hall of Fame; what state do you visit?

20 points. The 1989 World Series, dubbed “The Battle of The Bay” was played between The San Francisco Giants and what American League team?

30 points. What U.S. city has the unique distinction of hosting three major professional sports teams that all wear the same colors?

40 points. Belmont, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, and what other city are the respective homes to the “Triple Crown” horse races?

50 points. What is the largest U.S. city that is not home to any major (Baseball, Basketball, Football, or Hockey) professional sports teams?


Round 6. ROCK!

10 points. Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters, rose to prominence as the drummer for what band?

20 points. Audioslave were a supergroup composed of the then-former front man of Soundgarden, and the instrumentalists from what Rap/Metal outfit?

30 points. What rock n’ roll band draws its name from two kinds of electric current: direct and alternating?

40 points. (Two Part Answer) What are the first and second tracks from Queen’s 1977 album News of The World?

50 points. What is the rock band Kiss’ highest charting single?



10 points. What sexual position was given its name after Christian colonists began recommending it to new converts?

20 points.What reproductive cell derives its name from the Greek word for seed?

30 points. According to studies, 75% of women cannot achieve orgasm without the stimulation of what sex organ?

40 points. What adult film actress achieved international fame after starring in 1972’s Deep Throat?

50 points.  What sexologist was the key researcher of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female?



What, in terms of population, are the five smallest cities that are home to NFL teams? For the sake of clarity, these are cities that a given in the teams’ names.


Tie Breaker (Closest wins)

In what year was Alfred Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male published?











Round 1

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

The Lincoln Memorial

The War of 1812

Liberty Island/Ellis Island

Devils Tower

Round 2

The Sixth Sense

The Return of The Jedi

The Statue of Liberty

American Psycho

Keyser Soze

Round 3


The Komodo Dragon

(Nile) Crocodile


Polar Bear

Round 4

American Cheese


Mold (penicillium)



Round 5

New York

The Oakland Athletics

Pittsburgh, PA (Steelers, Pirates, Penguins)

Louisville, KY

Austin, TX.

Round 6


Rage Against the Machine


We Will Rock You/ We are The Champions


Round 7

The missionary position


The clitoris

Linda Lovelace

Alfred Kinsey

Final Five

Green Bay, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Tampa

Tie Breaker


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