Your Trivia for the Weekend- Week 5

Welcome to The Renaissance Fan’s weekend trivia (powered by Frank), your source for thought provoking trivia on a wide range of topics. Test yourself, challenge your family, or set up your own mini-trivia competition among your friends this weekend. There’s no wrong way to play. Could you just Google all the answers? Sure, but that would be dumb! You can make up your own rules, or use ours.

There are seven rounds, and the questions in each round increase in difficulty and point value (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 points). The “Final Five” question asks you to list five things correctly. For each right answer you get 30 points, but for each wrong answer you lose 30 points.

Answers are listed at the very bottom of the page.

Let’s begin!


10 points. The Byrd’s cover of Mr. Tambourine Man, is the only song written by what musician ever to reach number one on U.S. pop charts?

20 points. What pop-star’s greatest hits album is entitled The Immaculate Collection?

30 points. What band’s Greatest Hits album is tied with Michael Jackson’s Thriller as the highest certified album at 29x platinum?

40 points. In 1996, Joni Mitchell released a best of album called Hits, as well as a compilation of her less successful personal favorites under what title?

50 points. What 7-minute -long  Beatles single spent 9 weeks at the top of U.S. charts, the longest duration for any song by the group?



10 points. In February of 1851 Brigham Young, President of The Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter Day Saints, became the first governor of what then territory, now state?

20 points. The leader of what religion holds the position Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center?

30 points. What term to Buddhists means, “the imperturbable stillness of the mind after the fires of desire, aversion and delusion have been extinguished”, and to Hinduists means “union with the Brahman, the divine ground of existence, and the experience of blissful egoless-ness?

40 points. In what country is Mecca, the holy city of Islam?

50 points. What Biblical figure’s wife was transformed into a pillar of salt after glancing back at Sodom?



10 points.  Traditionally, what single card in a standard deck is considered to have the highest value?

20 points. Legend has it that the lethal game of chance in which one loads a single chamber or a revolver, spins the cylinder, and pulls the trigger while pointing the barrel at her or himself, originated in what country?

30 points. What gambling event was first held in 1970 at Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel?

40 points. In what City-State does Monte Carlo, home to the world famous Place Du Casino, lie?

50 points. What craps term is used to refer to an instance in which both dice land on four?



10 points. What is the Japanese name for a seismic, or harbor, wave?

20 points. What term was first used in British India to refer to seasonal reversing winds with corresponding changes in precipitation?

30 points. The strength of what weather phenomena is measured on the Enhanced Fujita scale?

40 points. From what compass direction does the light wind known as a zephyr blow?

50 points. What was the name of the hurricane that, prior to 2005’s Katrina, had caused more property damage than any tropical storm in U.S. history?



10 points. What is the given name of Sleeping Beauty’s titular princess?

20 points. Cheers actor John Ratzenberger has provided the voice work for a character in every Disney/Pixar film to date; what character does he voice in the Toy Story films?

30 points. What 1991 film is the first, and only, Disney Princess film to be nominated for the Academy Award for best picture?

40 points. (2 part answer) What two Disney films are based upon fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson?

50 points. What Disney character was originally a part of the Disney Princesses lineup when the merchandising franchise was formed in 2000, but just a few years later became the only character ever removed form the roster?



10 points. What top-selling whiskey is produced in Lynchburg, Tenessee?

20 points. What whiskey is thought to derive its name either from a county in Kentucky or a street in New Orleans?

30 points. The ingredients for what major brand of whiskey are all harvested within 50 miles of its distillery in Cork?

40 points. What is the top-selling Canadian whiskey in the U.S.?

50 points. What word do Scotch drinkers use to refer to a single unit of the whiskey?



10 points. What sexy French term translates literally to “house of three”?

20 points. Established in 1979, what outfit was the first all-male stripping troupe to make a business performing for a mostly-female audience?

30 points. What actress portrayed homicidal author Catherine Trammell in the 1992 erotic thriller, Basic Instinct?

40 points. What Florida city is known as the lap-dance capitol of the world?

50 points. What adult film star was listed in the number 1 spot on the Adult Video News list of the “Top 50 Porn Stars of All Time”?



What are Michael Jackson’s five greatest hits as a solo artist, according to Billboard charts?


In what year was the Church of Scientology formed?










Round 1

Bob Dylan


The Eagles


“Hey Jude”


Round 2




Saudi Arabia



Round 3

Ace of spades  


The World Series of Poker


Hard Eight


Round 4





Hurricane Andrew


Round 5


Hamm, the Piggy Bank

Beauty and The Beast

The Little Mermaid, Frozen



Round 6

Jack Daniels



Crown Royal



Round 7

Menage a trois


Sharon Stone

Tampa Bay

Ron Jeremy  


Final Five: 1.Billie Jean 2. Beat It  3. Rock With You, 4.Man in The Mirror 6. The Way You Make Me Feel

Tie-breaker: 1954

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