One Odd Fact from Every Season of SNL

As a part of our recurring series of articles on the history of Saturday Night Live (SNL) we did a ton of research on the show. We essentially cataloged every single episode along with its IMDb rating. Throughout that process we noticed lots of odd facts. Much of this could be considered SNL trivia. Without a home of their own in another article, we tossed all these interesting tidbits about one of television’s most iconic shows here. Please enjoy one odd fact from every season of SNL:

Season 1 – As a fledgling show SNL leaned on several people to host more than one episode during season 1. Buck Henry, Candice Bergen, and Elliot Gould all hosted two episodes. Hosting twice in one season is unheard of today. In fact, nobody has hosted twice in the same season since Billy Crystal in season 9.

Season 2 – On February 20, 1977 SNL filmed live on location at Mardi Gras.

Season 3 – A woman named Miskel Spillman won an “anyone can host” contest. This is the only episode ever hosted by a non-celebrity.

Season 4 – Season 4 was very heavy on the brits. Monty Python cast members hosted 3 episodes. The Rolling Stones hosted an episode as well.

Season 5 – Chevy Chase becomes the first returning cast member to host an episode. Former cast members have returned to host 55 other episodes during the show’s run to date.

Season 6 – There were only 13 episodes, tying it for second shortest season in the show’s history. The season didn’t premiere until November.

Season 7 – There have been many athletes that have hosted the show, but only one coach. John Madden hosted an episode in season 7.

Season 8 – Drew Barrymore hosted at age-7. She remains the youngest host in the history of the show.

Season 9 – George McGovern, the former Democratic presidential candidate hosted an episode. Spinal Tap appears as a musical guest.

Season 10 – Mr. T and Hulk Hogan co-hosted an episode. Bob Ueker hosted one as well.

Season 11 – Season 11 features three co-hosted episodes with Catherine Oxenberg and Paul Simon, George Wendt and Francis Ford Coppola, and Jimmy Breslin and Marvin Hager all hosting together.

Season 12 – Walter Payton and Joe Montana co-host an episode.

Season 13 – Another shortened season at 13 episodes.

Season 14 – Dolly Parton is both the host and musical guest for an episode. The host has also served as the musical guest 30 other times. Justin Timberlake holds the record for pulling double duty the most times at 3.

Season 15 – John Goodman hosts for the first time. He would go on to host an episode in each of the next 10 seasons, the longest streak for hosting in consecutive seasons.

Season 16 – New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner hosts an episode.

Season 17 – In a sign of the times, M.C. Hammer and Macaulay Culkin host back to back episodes.

Season 18 – There were no athletes, musicians, politicians, or business people that hosted in this season. Every episode was hosted by an actor.

Season 19 – Nancy Kerrigan hosts an episode. Kerrigan is one of only three female athletes to host along with Chris Evert (tennis) and Ronda Rousey (MMA).

Season 20 – George Foreman hosted the Christmas episode.

Season 21 – Steve Forbes hosted an episode.

Season 22 – This season featured six episodes hosted by returning cast members: Chevy Chase, Chris Rock, Dana Carvey, Martin Short, Mike Myers, and lastly, Robert Downey Jr., often forgotten to have been a member of the SNL cast at one point.

Season 23 – The Christmas episode featured plenty of H’s, with Helen Hunt hosting and Hanson as the musical guest.

Season 24 – Season 24 features both the Beastie Boys and the Backstreet Boys as musical guests.

Season 25 – Joshua Jackson and musical guest N’Sync anchor a really teen heartthrob show.

Season 26 – Former SNL writer Conan O’Brien returns to the show to host. It is the only time Conan has hosted SNL.

Season 27 – Olympian Johnny Mosely hosts. He is the only winter Olympian to host the show. Michael Phelps and several other summer Olympians have hosted.

Season 28 –Al Gore and John McCain host. Along with George McGovern, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, Steve Forbes and Rudy Giuliani there have been eight failed presidential candidates that have hosted (some before their run and some after). The only “politician” to host and go on to become president, shockingly, is Donald Trump who hosted twice. Ronald Reagan hosted while president.

Season 29 – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen host. They are not the only siblings to host (the Smothers Brothers hosted twice, seasons 8 and 9) but they are the only twins to have done so.

Season 30 – Paris Hilton hosts and the episode the receives the lowest IMDb rating in the history of the show, 3.3 out of 10.

Season 31 – Jon Heder and musical guest Ashlee Simpson prove that not all SNL hosts are longstanding cultural icons.

Season 32 – Peyton Manning hosts an episode that receives the highest IMDb rating of any episode hosted by an athlete at 8.4 of 10. Manning’s rival Tom Brady hosted in season 30 and received lower ratings (though Brady still has 2 more Super Bowl rings than Manning).

Season 33 – This season was shortened by a writer’s strike and contained only 12 episodes.

Season 34 – Tim McGraw becomes the latest country music star to host. SNL actually has a strong history of tapping country stars to host, including Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, and Blake Shelton. There have been more country stars (7) as hosts than there have been rappers (4).

Season 35 – Betty White hosts at age 88. The episode holds the highest rating on IMDb for SNL.

Season 36 – Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Elton John are all tapped as hosts, not musical guests.

Season 37 – Charles Barkley returns to host for a third time, the most of any athlete (assuming you consider Dwayne Johnson to be an actor and not a wrestler later in his career). No other athlete has hosted more than once.

Season 38 – Season 38 tells a tale of two Justins. Justin Bieber hosted and was musical guest for an episode that received a 4.2 of 10 rating on IMDb, putting it in the worst 5 episodes of all time. Three episodes later Justin Timberlake hosted and was the musical guest and received an 8.7 out of 10, in the best 5 episodes of all time.

Season 39 – The premiere (Tina Fey), Christmas episode (Jimmy Fallon), and finale (Andy Samberg) were all hosted by SNL alums who went on to star in their own shows.

Season 40 – Former cast member Sarah Silverman returns to host an episode, 20 years after leaving the show. This is the second largest gap between when a cast member left and returned to host for the first time. Dan Akroyd left the show after season 4 and did not return to host until season 28.

Season 41 –  Pals Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to host the Christmas episode together. It was the first time that two former cast members were officially co-hosts. Martin Short and Chevy Chase co-hosted as well, but they were also joined by their fellow “3 Amigos” star Steve Martin.

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