Predicting the Future Inductees into the SNL 5 Timers Club

From a pop cultural standpoint, hosting Saturday Night Live is a big deal. Only about 20 people get to do it each year. Meaning if a star has gotten the nod, they are one of the most culturally relevant people of the moment. In the show’s 42 seasons there have been hundreds of hosts, and even hundreds of hosts that have returned to host a second time. But hosting the show 5 times puts you in rarified air. The “5 Timers Club” is sort of the SNL hosting hall of fame and it was supposedly thought up by Tom Hanks when he hosted for the 5th time. Reaching the threshold of 5 hosting appearances is now a celebrated part of the show. There are currently 15 members of the SNL 5 Timers Club, with Tina Fey being the most recent to join. The rest of the list is loaded with huge stars including Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin, Drew Barrymore, Candice Bergen, Chevy Chase, Danny DeVito, John Goodman, Elliot Gould, Buck Henry, Steve Martin, Paul Simon, Justin Timberlake, and Christopher Walken.

So who else will be joining the SNL 5 Timers Club over the next few years? We looked at who’s close and make some predictions about which stars will be joining the club soon.


SNL 5 Timers Club

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (already hosted 4 times) – Remember when he was a WWE wrestler? Kind of funny to think back on that now that he is one of the most bankable movie stars in the world. Everything he touches turns to cash. He’s already hosted SNL 4 times, 3 of which were pretty solid episodes. The man is constantly making (and then promoting) movies, so it seems more than likely he will grace the 30 Rock stage once more sometime in the next year or two. When he does, he will become perhaps the most unconventional member of the 5 Timers Club (none of the others started their careers body slamming people).
  • Melissa McCarthy (already hosted 4 times) – Melissa McCarthy used the monologue from her most recent SNL hosting gig to joke about how she thought she was already in the 5 Timers Club (she has only hosted 4 times but for the sake of the bit pretended her stint in the 40th anniversary show counted). So it seems like a given that she will make it official sometime soon. McCarthy is one of the premiere comedic talents in the game today and her skillset lends itself well to SNL. Had her career gone differently she would have been a fine cast member.



SNL 5 Timers Club

  • Jonah Hill (already hosted 4 times) – If you are surprised to learn that Jonah Hill has been asked to host SNL 4 times, then perhaps you will be less surprised when he gets asked back a 5th time. Hill seems to be able to keep his Hollywood career moving forward with just enough momentum to land good parts. He also seems to enjoy hosting SNL (though his 4 appearances have been pretty average). He’s not a lock, it seems like his star could fade at any minute, but Hill has a real shot at being a member of the SNL 5 Timers Club. And a very young member at that.
  • Scarlett Johansson (already hosted 4 times) – SNL seems to love having Scarlett Johansson on to host. She has done 4 stints already, and as a permanent fixture in the Marvel movie franchise she will have plenty of work to promote in the future. Look for ScarJo to become one of the next females to join the SNL 5 Timers Club.
  • Jon Hamm (already hosted 3 times) – Hamm has only hosted 3 times, so he still has a little ways to go. But he seems more than willing to take on any and all extra cameos, voice-overs, and hosting gigs now that Mad Men is over.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus (already hosted 3 times) – HOW IS THIS WOMAN NOT IN THE CLUB ALREADY! JLD is a product of SNL and has gone on to appear in some tremendously successful TV shows and movies. The only reasonable excuse for her not being enshrined with the other esteemed members of the 5 Timers Club would be that she has been too busy with other projects to host more often than she has.
  • Louis C.K. (already hosted 3 times) – He’s a standup comedian who seems to like the format. He’s popular, but not so popular that SNL would be beneath him, and he’s still in the peak of his career. Louis will need two more hosting appearances, but that certainly seems manageable.

Dark Horses

SNL 5 Timers Club

  • Dana Carvey (already hosted 4 times) – Carvey is so close to getting in after hosting 4 times already. Being remembered as a part of the fabric of the historic show seem like it would be important to Carvey. He has not had much success outside of the 30 Rockefeller confines, which might be the biggest thing standing in the way of him getting into the SNL 5 Timers Club. If Carvey can become relevant again, or, more likely, the show is in a pinch for a capable last-minute stand in, Carvey could get himself that 5th hosting gig.
  • Charles Barkley (already hosted 3 times) – Of all the athletes to host the show, Barkley seems like he has the best shot at making it into the 5 Timers Club (professional wrestling is not a sport, sorry Dwayne).  Barkley has remained a popular character long after his playing days are over. He’s no stranger to a joke either, the man can be funny. He still has a ways to go, but Sir Charles might be able to add SNL 5 Timer to his odd resume. If Barkley doesn’t make it unto the club, LeBron James is the next athlete that we’d expect to have a shot.
  • Zach Galifianakis (already hosted 3 times) – Galifianakis is another one of these standup comedians that has a shot to make the club as long as they keep getting decent gigs elsewhere. Provided the public isn’t sick of him in 5 years, Galifianakis has a shot at making the Club.

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