RF’s First Two Weeks: The Weird World of Web

TheRenaissanceFan.com has now existed (publicly) for two full weeks. We’ve enjoyed having the readership of over 900 readers thus far including many of our friends who have generously offered up their own Facebook personas to help us promote. Thanks for the assist. We’ll keep trying to do you proud. We wanted to offer a look back at RF’s First Two Weeks.

How we got to be RF.com

Frank and I spent several days tossing possible site names back and forth. I won’t go through all the different iterations, but most had puns that were far worse than what we ultimately landed on. Was it smart to include the word “renaissance” in our name, which is not in any way easy to spell? Probably not. But that’s kind of our identity: not doing things the best way possible, just the best way we know how. There’s also a defunct Chicago sports blog with a similar name, which may cause confusion even though it is not active. Again, we had very little idea what we were doing when we set out on this. The real reason we picked therenaissancefan.com is that we are banking on The CW someday having a teen drama called “The Renaissance” about a young American girl interning in Milan and learning to sew fabulous gowns from a strict mentor that she must gradually win over with her light-hearted approach to life (oh, and there’s boys, too!). At that point in time our domain name becomes valuable as a fan site for that show and we cash out. OR, alternately, we stay on, run that fan site and become huge fans of the show ourselves, which sounds great! Six seasons and a movie!

RF's first two weeks
Our original logo


Apparently when you register a domain name it immediately kicks all your contact info straight to India. Within 24 hours of officially registering our name I was contacted by no less than five Indian gentlemen offering their web design services. I was confident I could muddle my way through this just fine on my own though. Thank you, Anish. We scored the beautiful illustration you see as the background and icon for our site from a friend who we hope will be doing more work for us in the future. The rest was pretty simple. We chose to be hosted by a provider instead of going the free route. It saves us a little time on overhead, and this way we still get to complain about “The Management” when things go wrong. Overall, I am pleased with our first two weeks, which started with me needing to Google what a “slug line” was and ended with Frank’s movie reviews being on the IMDB critics page just a few spots down from Peter Travers. Seriously, check it out.


You have by now noticed we have ads on the site. Fancy, right? We have no illusions about getting rich publishing debates about Star Wars, telling you what to watch on Netflix, or analyzing beer commercials (coming soon!), but it covers our hosting costs. We tried to filter our ads so you don’t see unsavory ones. Not for decency purposes, but because we think your penis does not need any enlargement (that’s a complement to our readership), and if you want to “meet hot single moms in your area” you can join a Zumba class like in the good ole days. The way the ads work, we get a tiny amount of money just from having you visit, so thank you. We get a slightly less-tiny amount when someone actually clicks on an ad. But we are not allowed to encourage you to do that. So we won’t. And we didn’t. Moving on.

Our Readers

Because we have aligned ourselves with Google, we know a tremendous amount of stuff about you, our readership. Mostly just demographic information and how our visitors find us. But also where you all live and login from (Kevin, we have traced your IP address to the Chucky Cheese in White Bear Lake. Go home to your wife).

We are pleased to already have a recurring commenter that goes by the handle “Boogs” and seems to be very happy trolling most of our work. Boogs, you are our Kramer, just popping in all the time and saying whatever’s on your mind. Thank you.

Future Content

I’m not going to prattle on much longer, but thanks for taking a moment to read this and anything else on the site that you found of interest. We have lots planned for the near future including:

– 2016 Political stuff (but not in any way what you are expecting)

– Guest writers: you’ve read articles by me, articles by Frank and even endured articles that are just the two of us talking to each other. How about we mix it up a bit with some new blood?

– Much more sports analysis, movie reviews, weekly trivia, and debate.

Contact us

Have an idea for an article or analysis you’d like to see us tackle? Interested in doing a guest spot? Shoot us an email at therenaissancefan@gmail.com

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