Ren. Fan Trivia

Interested in playing Renaissance Fan’s weekly Trivia? Great.

You are certainly welcome to use our questions and come up with your own rules and scoring. But if you want some suggestions to get started, here’s how we play:

The game has 7 rounds and then a “Final Five” question. Play and score one round at a time. You can have people play on their own or as a part of a team (recommended). One person will have to serve as the trivia master, reading the questions, and scoring each team’s answers. The answers are always found at the very bottom of the trivia page. Teams can write their answers on a piece of paper and turn them in at the end of each round, or they can write the answer to each question on a dry erase or chalk board and hold it up for the trivia master to view.

The 5 questions within each round get progressively harder, meaning the point value increases. We go 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. But you can do whatever you want. For the “Final Five” we do 30 per correct answer, and -30 per wrong answer, meaning you can lose points overall in the “Final Five” (twist!).

General rules include:

No cell phones

No talking to other teams about answers

Here are the direct links to all our trivia so far:

Week 1 – Space, The Classics, Mountains, Sports Rules, Meat, Quentin Tarantino, Trivia After Dark

Week 2 – National monuments, SPOILER ALERT!, Man Eaters, Cheese, Sports Nation, Rock, Trivia After Dark

Week 3- Math, Sauces, Musicians/actors, Actors/musicians, Conspiracy theories, Blood sport, Classic video games

Week 4- David Bowie, Soup, Cop drama, Bugs, Africa, Jazz, Acronyms

Week 5-  Greatest hits, Religion, Games of chance, Weathr, Disney animated films, trivia after dark

The secret category for Trivia with Frank this week is: MLB Pitchers