The Renaissance Fan Favorites No. 4

Our weekly roundup of ‘what’s good’ on the web:

  • While researching another story we may have found the weirdest blog on the internet, right down to the descriptions of the products and blurred out faces.
  • Dunk of the week is supplied by frequent site visitor “Boogs”. Not a part of any real game, but crazy fun to watch. Thanks for the hookup Boogs!

How does that only have 11 million views? I’m pretty sure I watched it 10 times already.

  • Your streaming recommendations for the weekend include: Borg/McEnroe: Fire and Ice – HBO, Blade Runner – Netflix, and Watership Down -Hulu
  • Um, the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer is out. And it looks dope.
  • Our favorite Onion article of the week.
  • Homer of the week belongs to Joe Mauer. 20 more of these and we owe you an apology:
  • And Frank’s jam of the week is “Lady Luck” by Richard Swift

Last, strange Google search terms that people used and wound up on the site:

“dude beer commercial”

“house of cards season 4 stupid”

“celebrities with boogers”

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