The Renaissance Fan Favorites No. 3

Our weekly roundup of ‘what’s good’ on the web:

  • Hey y’all, The Renaissance Fan is on MoviePilot now too. Check it out, leave some nasty comments (Frank has expressed disappointment in our readers’ civility so far. He’s hoping to acquire some trolls).
  • Star Wars baby names are apparently a thing: “True, the usual top ten names — your Emmas and Olivias, your Liams and Noahs  — are holding steady for the umpteenth year. But Kylo and Rey, Han and Jedi, Rogue and Rebel are coming on strong while remaining farther back in the pack.” What!? No bump for Admiral Ackbar!? Now there’s one of the better Star Wars baby names.
  • Best Onion article this week? Glad you asked. This.

Dunk of the week remains in the college world for another week or so before moving to the pros. Oh, and get ready for dinger of the week and snag of the week when baseball starts up.

  • Another week, another major news outfit adopting the same stance as The Renaissance Fan (just a few weeks later). If you want us to write for you all you need to do is ask!
  • If you are in the small minority of people that like our site for the statistical analyses, Statista might be of interest to you. It’s a good source of raw(ish) data on a very wide variety of topics. iIt’s all presented in question form (e.g. which cities have the most hipsters) which makes it pretty accessible to anyone. But you could stay pretty busy here if you’re a stats nerd.
  • If Al Franken becomes the Vice President of the United States, it will probably give us a definitive winner in our debate on whether SNL or Daily Show alums were more impressive.

Last, strange Google search terms that people used and wound up on the site:

“i hate baseball”

“betty screws the crew”

“pitbull sex”

One thought on “The Renaissance Fan Favorites No. 3

  • April 2, 2016 at 7:32 am

    How dare you ignore your first troll, BOOGS! I only clicked on this dumb link cuz I thought it was gonna be about catfishing. Star Wars baby names? Those are for only the most vanilla nerds. You wanna get hardcore? Name your kid something awesome that will truly reflect your sci-fi passion and what a diehard you are for grassroots sci-fi (not just the mainstream like Star Wars posers). Here is a brief list of possibilities: Voldemort, T-800, Borg, Mystique, Godzilla, LiluDallas, Cornelius, Robocop, E.T., Carl Weathers, Ygritte, or maybe Light Bike.
    In other news, you could probably drive more traffic to your site if all of your articles were titled pitbull sex, and continue to write articles soley on the the many other ways that could be portrayed.


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