The Renaissance Fan Favorites No. 2

Our weekly roundup of ‘what’s good’ on the web:

  • He’s being accused of cheating, but how would this even help you in basketball? “Dwight Howard Applies Sticky Substance to Ball During Game
  • We were going to spend some time talking up Nate Silver’s and how it makes America smarter by using data to answer tough questions and entertain. Then we find out they stole our article idea about odds of a perfect bracket (and did it better of course!). Though the odds of them seeing our story about a perfect bracket are probably worse than the odds of actually picking one, so we’ll chalk this up as coincidence.
  • The Onion, just sublime.
  • So much basketball going on means so many awesome dunks to admire. At least it gives you something to enjoy as your bracket lies as a smolding pile of ruins. Here’s your dose of dunk(s) of the week:
  • Karina Longworth‘s podcast “You Must Remember This” is worth a listen.
  • We’ll be going more in-depth on this topic soon, but the SNL ladies are killing it hard right now if you haven’t been paying attention.
  • If you’re one of the movie nerds that frequent our site, welcome. If you’re looking for the after party it seems like is a good bet to find more of your kind and lengthy discussions about all things film.
  • It’s important to us that you know about the band Weed
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  • Your streaming tips for the weekend include: Documentary Now! on Netflix, American Graffiti on Amazon Prime, The Wolf of Wall Street on Hulu
  • Frank’s song of the week is “California Dreaming” by Lee Moses:


Last, strange search terms that people used and wound up on the site:

“Randy Johnson bird fine”

“Heineken commercials sexist”

“Joe Mauer fantasy”



One thought on “The Renaissance Fan Favorites No. 2

  • April 2, 2016 at 9:24 am

    Those were some downright dirty dunks! But jump to 0:55 to see how the NCAA doesn’t call travelling, that kid might as well be studying abroad.
    Dirty dunks are great and all but exhibition style clinics are more to my taste, I might get a trampoline just to recreate these gems.


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