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Our weekly roundup of ‘what’s good’ on the web:

  • Overly intense parents of youth sports participants are a force of great darkness in the universe. Take it down a notch, or 10.
  • It’s very encouraging to see Frank’s future wife Anna Kendrick (who as of yet is unaware of this fact) will fit right in with his friends. She’s already marathon watching Lord of the Rings on an annual basis:
  • A great post about minor league baseball mascots on our literal parent blog. Guess what, they’re weirder than MLB mascots (Philly Phanatic excluded).
  • Contributor Jane Benz is all hopped up on Lenny Letters and would like to share that buzz with you:  “Have you subscribed to the Lenny Letters yet?  If not, get on that, like, yesterday. Favorite person, national treasure Lena Dunham has done it again!!!! When my beautiful unicorn friend Christine showed me the light,  mind = blown. So imagine in your brilliant, endlessly gifted fangirl brain an online magazine (newsletter) that has everything. (Tempted to reference SNL Weekend Update’s Stefon, but make your own jokes because I’m too busy fangirling about the Lenny Letters.)” – JB
  • A little while back we wrote about the struggles of Twins star Joe Mauer. Longtime Twins blogger Aaron Gleeman has been covering Mauer from the start and seems to have the same general conclusion.
  • The Onion crushes everything. But this is the hardest they crushed it last week.
  • Since it’s March Madness right now our “Dunk of the Week” comes from the college world. Goodness. Great reaction from the fans too, and presumably his dad. Internet points to anyone who can figure out what he’s wearing around his neck? Don’t forget to shoot the free throw!
  • Frank’s jam of the week:
  • Your weekend streaming recommendations are: Force Majeure (Netflix), Inside Man (Amazon Prime), Seven Samurai (Hulu)
    Mad Max: Fury Road (HBO Now)

Last, strange search terms that people used and wound up on the site:

“Bryce harper faux hawk”


“Roberts invisible heart: an economic romance”


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