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Frequent readers of The Renaissance Fan know that we strive to fill a particular niche. We are not a sports news site (we don’t ever claim to break any stories), nor are we an entertainment gossip site. Our goal is to discuss fandom in all its many forms. Sometimes we use statistics, sometimes we critique, sometimes we just have fun with a topic. But in the last year we accidentally filled a very strange gap in the interwebs, one that we did not know existed. Since March of 2016 The Renaissance Fan has been a leading source for fashion advice on sports jerseys.

This all stemmed from a single article, actually one of our debate series that we did often in the early months. Frank and I both assumed somewhat more radical versions of our current opinions on adults wearing sports jerseys in public, Frank’s being “don’t do that”, and mine being “who cares”. You can read the article here if you like (it’s one I’m quite proud of). You’ll note that the article is mostly just us goofing around and does not really contain much in terms of a useful take-away message. Which is unfortunate, because thousands of people have found this article on Google. And many of them genuinely seemed to be looking for advice on the topic.

How do we know this? We use Google Analytics to track traffic on our site. If you love stats Google Analytics might as well be PornHub. There is a ton of fascinating information, even for a little site like ours. And what we found out is that the sports jersey article has been by far our most popular offering for people searching with Google, receiving three times as much traffic as the next most popular item (“Best Baseball Movies for Kids”). The people are finding the article with search terms like:

“how to wear a football jersey”

“grown men wearing jerseys”

“wearing a hockey jersey casually”

“what to wear with a football jersey”

One has to imagine some of the scenarios that led to these searches. I can picture a guy getting dressed for his college buddy’s wedding and he wants to wear a Patriots jersey because the Pats are “their thing” and he thinks it will be awesome. He’s wearing the jersey already as his girlfriend is scolding him about it, meanwhile he’s on his phone looking to the internet for some validation of his choice. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is also on Google looking for a supporting argument for her side. And there’s a decent chance they will both find our article and a viewpoint that matches the case they want to make! Beautiful!

So thanks for being weird internet. We’ll be searching for the next niche we can fill. Always Represent.

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  • January 22, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Kudos to you for your patronage of pornhub. Jeans and a gray sweatshirt go great with a Packers Jersey. Football is dead, long live football.


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