Nobody Asked Us, But Here Are Our Top Choices for The Next Bond

Now that it’s been four months since the release of Spectre, and two months since everybody stopped talking about who would play Agent 007 in the next Bond film, we here at The Renaissance Fan have decided to weigh in on this pressing issue, giving our two cents on who should play the world’s most iconic spy in the long-running series next entry, likely released in 2018.

  1. Daniel CraigNext Bond

We want Craig back and we’ll bet our bottom dollar he will be. Look, Craig talked a big game about leaving the franchise in the days following the end of production on Spectre, then starting back peddling a couple weeks later, probably after his check cleared. Spectre ended in such a way that would make the soft reboot that comes with bringing in a new Bond actor kind of weird, and we love Craig in the role. Four films in, Craig has is earning a better GPA than any previous Bond and, sorry Connery fans, is really the most skilled actor ever to play the part.

  1. Tom HardyNext Bond

What Craig has brought to the role of Bond is soulful brutishness and Tom Hardy has that in spades. Hardy would carry on Craig’s “Bond-as-blunt-instrument-of-the-government” persona and possesses chameleon-esque acting chops. The problem here is that Hardy is severely over-qualified, having established himself as one of the most skilled actors of his generation. We wouldn’t want Bond films taking him away from the myriad other projects in which we will get excited to see Hardy, notably the franchise in which he is already starring: Renaissance Fan favorite Mad Max.

  1. David OyelowoNext Bond

He’s got looks, sophistication, and acting chops for days, yet he’s still one of today’s most slept-on talents. Also he’s British as hell. Royal-Shakespeare-Company-British. Playing Bond would bring Oyelowo the attention he so richly deserves. Also, he has experience in the part, providing the narration for the Audiobook of the terribly titled Bond novel Trigger Mortis.

  1. Henry CavillNext Bond

People don’t care for Cavill playing Superman because he seems like a British psychopath. You know what character is a British psychopath…

  1. Tom HiddlestonNext Bond

Casting Hiddleston in the role of could transform Bond back into the upper-crust dandy of the Roger Moore days, which could be a fun direction to take after the brooding, savage Bond of the Craig years.

  1. James McAvoyNext Bond

It’s been a long time since we had Scottish Bond, why make a return? McAvoy could take Bond in a new, grungier (have you seen Filth?) direction.

  1. Idris ElbaNext Bond

Objectively speaking, Idris Elba is the sexiest man on the planet.

  1. Nicholas HoultNext Bond

 Go young with it! It could be interesting to see Bond age from a young man to middle-age over the course of four or five films. At 26, Hoult is already amassing an impressive body of work, we love him in X-Men: First Class and Mad Max: Fury Road.

  1. Jamie BellNext Bond

Another Scot! Jamie Bell has been doing consistently strong work since 2000’s Billy Elliot, but he still hasn’t quite broken through. Playing Bond could be just the thing for Bell, who deserves more attention than he has yet gotten.

  1. Andy DickNext Bond

Our dark horse candidate. Look, we know that Dick would not be a conventional James Bond: he’s not from the UK, he is a living cautionary tale, etc. Whatever. Dick has been doing great work since The Ben Stiller Show, and though his reputation may suggest that he is the least responsible person on the planet, we’d like to see what he can do as one most iconic and beloved characters in fiction.

Yes, we’re messing with you here. But consider for a moment having an American with a whiny voice, blond curly hair, glasses, and no skills as an action star, as the iconic James Bond. Ok, now banish that thought from your head forever. We’re sorry we forced you to think about that.

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