Renaissance Fan Favorites No. 8

Our weekly roundup of ‘what’s good’ on the web:

  •  In our story on the US National Slow Pitch Softball Team we mentioned the black market for illegal softball bats. This article on that topic is worth a read.
  • We didn’t spend much time covering the NFL Draft, but if we did it would have been all about this story of a draftee fixing a toilet when he was picked. At least he was just fixing it, as far as headlines involving toilets gos, this could have been much worse.
  • We recommend this article by Siddhant Adlakha: “Civil War: Dissecting the Marvel Machine
  • “Threeeeeeeeee”
  • New ‘friend of the fan’ has some great articles for parents with kids in sports. Check them out!
  • Packers wide receiver James Jones proposes in a Red Lobster. And the details live up to the headline.

Bonus throwback dunk of the week:

Last, strange Google search terms that people used and wound up on the site:

Slipknot basketball jersey

Drinking buddies are not real friends

Tay Dicks (which one must assume is a porn actor who looks like Taye Diggs)

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