Guess the TV Show by a Word Cloud of Dialogue

Here’s a fun challenge for fans of popular TV shows: Can you guess the TV show based on a word cloud of dialogue from that show?

Here’s how it works. We grabbed transcripts from 3 random episodes of some of the most popular shows on television. We took all that dialogue (typically thousands of words) and created a word cloud for each show. Words that are said more often on the show appear larger in the word cloud, but all words that appear are said pretty frequently. We purposefully excluded most character names because they would be a dead giveaway in a lot of cases. Since there are hundreds of TV shows out there, we’ll give a little clue for each to get you started. The answers are at the very bottom of the page. Good luck! Let us know how you do!

#1. We’ll start off with a relatively easy one:

Guess the TV Show

#2. Ok, how about a comedy:

Guess the TV Show

#3. Your hint for this one is that it’s a reality show:


#4. This show first aired in 2010:

Guess the TV Show

#5. Another reality show that has been on for 12 seasons:

Guess the TV Show

#6. This show takes place in the past (the font may even be a bit of a hint):

Guess the TV Show

#7. This is an animated show:

Guess the TV Show



  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Inside Amy Schumer
  3. I am Cait
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. The Bachelorette
  6. Vikings
  7. The Simpsons

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