Bryce Harper Breaks Unwritten Rules… Of Catchphrase

Baseball’s bad boy Bryce Harper has done it again.

Is nothing sacred for the Washington National’s outfielder and reigning NL MVP? How long will we tolerate his quest to bend and break the rules in his own self-interest? How long will this childish behavior be dismissed? He has made a mockery of a beloved game.

That game of course, is Catchphrase.

Earlier this week Harper made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to participate in a friendly game of Catchphrase. Harper, paired with host Jimmy Fallon, squared up against comedian Andy Samberg and supermodel Gigi Hadid. The proceedings start with Harper pretending to leave Samberg hanging on a handshake, a joke that doesn’t really land with the audience or Samberg. Hardly the behavior expected of one of Catchphrase’s top ambassadors!

From there, Harper proceeds to cheat no less than three times throughout the course of the game. He declares the phrase “Mic Drop” solved when Fallon says “Drop the Mic”, then “S’mores” when all Fallon says is “Marshmallows”, and most egregiously, declares final victory on the phrase “Eager Beaver” when all Fallon says is “Beaver”, just moments before time expires. As the gasps and boos from the audience rain down, one has to wonder what kind of a role model Harper is for young kids watching him on TV and hoping to someday play Catchphrase professionally as well.

Certainly, we would never expect such stretching of the rules from future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter! Chipper Jones never solved half a phrase and called it good! David Wright, always a class act, would have quickly and easily insinuated his way through even a challenging clue like “eager beaver”, without taking the easy way out! Sure, David Ortiz had been known to use a word that’s contained in the phrase from time to time. But he’s a veteran, he’s earned that right.

Young players these days have no respect for the game of Catchphrase. Tradition. Respect. Honor. These are all words that are synonymous with Catchphrase. Young upstarts like Harper would be wise to learn them.

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