Some Animals Mate for Life, But These Ones Are All About Casual Sex

We’ve all heard beautiful tales of monogamous members of the animal kingdom. A pair of swans mating for life or two penguins toughing it out together in Antartica are inspiring images that might give us hope for our own human relationships. But that lifestyle isn’t for all animals. Meet a few animals that, for one reason or another, have decided that committed relationships are not for them. These animals are all about getting wild, right now.

Glen - Red Kangaroo

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Glen knows that a lot of his friends are settling down right now but he just can't see that for himself anytime soon. He's playing the field and says it feels pretty amazing. He's not looking for Mrs. Forever, he's just looking for Mrs. Right now. He feels that monogamy isn’t for everyone and it would be irresponsible for him to settle down just to live up the a standard that society holds him to

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