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Our goal with this site is to amuse, first and foremost. We want to be a place were you can waste a few minutes of your day. We also hope to be a site that changes conventional thinking about movies, sports, and television. Hence, The Renaissance Fan. If you are a 6th grader doing a project on the actual Italian Renaissance, we’re sorry, you have reached this site in error. Return to Google and try again.

At The Renaissance Fan we celebrate the beauty of fandom .  Sports, Movies, TV, Music, Books, Videogames, we understand the importance of the unimportant. Be the subject Admiral Ackbar’s command ship (Home One), or the number of dimes B.J. Armstrong dished out in ’93-’94 season (323), we treat it with the utmost respect and sincerity, even when we’re poking fun.  We’re fans first and critics second but we believe that the true fan approaches the thing they love with a critical eye. Join us in a conversation about the things we love, be respectful, but not reverent. Being a fan is a beautiful thing, like the things you like, love what you love, and always represent.
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